Toddler Shoes – Fashion or Necessity?

Toddler Shoes – Fashion or Necessity?

Ah…So Cute

When you look at them and they are so small and cute, your heart just melt when you see those tiny little toddler shoes. How can you not buy them for your little one. But…then you see the price! Oh my, is this possible? And you look again…yes that’s right, your eyes didn’t lie to you! Even on sale they are $48!


Growing Pains

A few months later you are very proud of yourself, because you refused to buy those expensive little

toddler shoes for your two-year old. Instead you went on and keep on searching and found beautiful little shoes for only $2,99, which are now too small for your toddler. No wonder because babies and toddlers grow so fast, you almost can’t keep up.


Now the million dollar question: Is it worth it to buy expensive toddler shoes…or clothes for that matter?

Yes, it is! No it’s not! There are always, and always will be, two sides of a coin and there will always be rich people and there will always be poor people. The rich can afford to buy those ridiculously expensive toddler shoes and the poor can afford to put shoes on their babies’ and toddlers’ feet although not quite so expensive but equally cute and adorable. And to be honest, I will not buy those expensive shoes even if I can afford it to buy them. The kids will outgrow them in a very short time.




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