Stop Night Terrors In Toddlers – Is LULLY the Answer?
Toddler having a night terror

Stop Night Terrors In Toddlers – Is LULLY the Answer?

Are You Permanently Exhausted?

Are you permanently exhausted because of night terrors? Does your marriage or relationship suffer because of it? Then maybe this review will help you stop night terrors in toddlers and you can have your valuable sleep back.

This product I’m talking about is LULLY Sleep Guardian 2.

The Company is LULLY.

Owners/Founders: Drs. Andy Rink and Varun Boriah

And they started in 2003.

Sleep Guardian 2

Sleep Guardian 2

Let me give you a quick overview of how it works:

  1. Download the Lully App from the Apple App Store.
  2. Plug the Sleep Guardian 2 into an outlet close to your child’s bed.
  3. Place the Sleep Guardian under your child’s mattress.
  4. Check that you’ve turned on Bluetooth for your iOS device.
  5. Pair the Lully App with the Sleep Guardian and answer a few questions to get started.


Now if you are one of those millions of parents with kids suffering from this dreadful night terrors, you will know

Not Happy

what harmful effects it can have on your marriage, your relationship, your performance at work and your relationship with your friends and family. Because of lack of sleep. These two gentlemen saw the havoc this night terrors wreak in families and they started to develop the Sleep Guardian which in it’s original stage already helped a lot of kids with their night terrors. As good as it is, the Sleep Guardian has some drawbacks and the team introduced the Sleep Guardian 2.


The two doctors teamed up with leading sleep physicians at the University of Stanford and started doing research on night terrors. Dr. Andy Rink was driven to find a solution for this nightmare problem because his family also suffered from this terrible night terrors. According to them they studied 10 000 night terrors of which 80% was successful and many parents could now enjoy peaceful sleep. Doesn’t it sound heavenly?

Without Night Terrors.
Peaceful Sleep


The best improvement they made on the Sleep Guardian is that, on the Sleep Guardian 2 the device will turn it self off when it senses the movements of the child and he/she can sleep further without suffering through the night terror. In the original Sleep Guardian you have to it off manually.

But what are night terrors? 

Night terrors are different from nightmares. During a nightmare you can wake your little one and console them and talk to them, but when they experience a night terror, they are still asleep and can’t recall it in the morning. The night terror also tend to occur around the same time and usually two to three hours after a child fell asleep. During these night terrors, they scream and talk and sit up although they’re still asleep.Little girl having a night terror Isn’t it just awful to see them like that! Really, what would you do to stop night terrors in toddlers.

Up until now, thousands of parents have used the Sleep Guardian 2 to stop night terrors in toddlers and they are ecstatic about it. Many of them claim that their marriage life are so much better now because they can sleep through the night and all the feelings of anger and frustration are gone. Their relationship with friends and family has also improved remarkably and even their health is better because of enough sleep.


Happy Family

The Pros for the Sleep Guardian 2:

  • It prevents 80 out of 100 night terrors
  • It works automatically so you don’t have to stay awake to switch it off manually
  • It is light weight and easy to use
  • It cannot overheat because it has a heat sensor and turn itself off after 3 minutes
  • It has been tested extensively. However, for children under 18 months old, consult a doctor before using.
  • There is no need for a prescription
  • You can sleep through the night without the fear of night terrors.

The Cons

  • The Sleep Guardian 2 works with iOS devices only. To use the Lully app, you must have an iPhone (4s or newer), iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd or 4th gen), or iPod touch (5th gen or newer) with iOS 7 or newer. The Lully Sleep Guardian app is available only in the Apple App Store.
  • It doesn’t work with Android devices.
  • The original Sleep Guardian still needs to be switched off manually



iPhone (4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus)

  • iPad (3rd gen, 4th gen, Mini, Air)
  • iPod touch (5th gen, 6th gen)

For children 18 months and older.
Works with any bed frame and mattress type.
Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches.
Weight: 6.7 ounces.

You can also watch this video to see how easy it is to use the Sleep Guardian 2 and we will appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


Hi, I'm a grandpa of a lovely one year old toddler, I love her very much and in general I just love babies.

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  1. Where was this when my kids were little!

    this is a brilliant idea that I will keep in mind for friends and family with little ones.

    It is such a hard time when these night terrors occur, I have a son with aspergers and ADHD, although he’s 18 now and leads a normal life when he was little it was hard work at night.

    perhaps this could work with soothing children with special needs as well as night terrors?

    1. Hi Darren, I’m sorry to hear that your son had these problems when he was little and the Lully could’ve been really useful should it been available that time. You can definitely refer it to your friends and family because it is such a great help to help children sleep at night and yes it can be beneficial to children with special needs. Thank you.

  2. Very interesting. I did not know there was such an app out. I agree that this situation can have so many impacts on everyone involved but it definitely is good to know there can be a solution.

    I will do some research on this app. I really appreciate the fact how you laid out the pros and cons. Thanks

    1. Hi, tthe Lully is really remarkable and yes it can impacts a lot of people’s lives positively, because they can sleep at night. Thank you for your comment.

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